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Hi, I'm Amanda. Whether you're buying your first or next home, taking equity out of your existing home or your Oshawa mortgage is up for renewal, I can help you. I can even get you a bad credit mortgage. I work with over 100 lenders to find the best possible rate and flexible options for your needs.

I'm still shocked by the number of people who still go to their bank to get a mortgage. That is not your only and especially not your best option. When was the last time you remember a bank saving you money? The bank will gladly show you all sorts of 'options', but these options are only variations of the one and only product the bank has to offer you. Is their 'best rate' truly the best rate on the market? Will being loyal to your bank save you, or cost you money? Just like every other product you purchase, a wise consumer will shop around. Let me do that shopping for you!

In these tough economic times, I want only the very best for you and your family. My job as your Oshawa mortgage agent is to find you the lowest possible mortgage rate and to save you your time and the frustration of looking around. Through my experience in the mortgage industry in Oshawa I will be able to quickly deliver your options. Best of all, in almost all cases, my service is free. The lender will pay my fee.

I'm here for you, and I am available wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. I work days, evenings and even all weekend. You can apply now or pick up the phone and call me today.
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About Oshawa

Oshawa (2006 population 141,590, CMA, 330,594) is a city on the Lake Ontario shoreline. Approximately 60 kilometres east of downtown Toronto. It is commonly viewed as the eastern anchor of both the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe. It is not, however, part of the Toronto CMA but has its own metropolitan area, the fourteenth largest in Canada. It is the largest community in the Regional Municipality of Durham. The name Oshawa originates from the Ojibwa term aazhaway, meaning “the crossing place” or just “(a)cross”.


The automobile industry, specifically the Canadian division of General Motors Corporation, known as General Motors Canada, has always been at the forefront of Oshawa’s economy. Founded in 1876 as the McLaughlin Carriage Company, General Motors of Canada’s headquarters and major assembly plants are located in the city. The lavish home of the carriage company’s founder, Parkwood Estate, is a National Historic Site, and a backdrop favoured by numerous film crews, and has been featured in many movies including Chicago and X-Men.


Oshawa is also home to Windfields Farm, a thoroughbred horse breeding operation and birthplace of Canada’s most famous racehorse, Northern Dancer.


Once very much a distinct community – physically, economically, and culturally – Oshawa has been increasingly subsumed into the Greater Toronto Area.


Oshawa is headquarters to General Motors Canada, which has large-scale manufacturing and administrative operations in the city and employs many thousands both directly and indirectly. Since Windsor, Ontario houses Chrysler Canada headquarters, the two cities have something of a friendly rivalry for the title of “Automotive Capital of Canada”.


The revenue collection divisions of the Ontario Ministry of Finance occupy one of the few major office buildings in the city’s downtown, which continues to struggle despite business improvement efforts. The city’s older southern neighbourhoods tend to be considerably less affluent than its more suburban northern sections, which are rapidly expanding as Toronto commuters move in. The southern half of the city consists of industrial zones and compact housing designed for early 20th century industrial workers, while the northern half has a suburban feel more typical of later decades.

High wages paid to unionized GM employees have meant that these workers could enjoy a relatively high standard of living, although such jobs are much scarcer today than they once were. During its post-World War II heyday, General Motors offered some of the best manufacturing jobs available in Canada and attracted thousands of workers from economically depressed areas of the country, particularly the Maritimes, Newfoundland, rural Quebec and northern Ontario. The city was also a magnet for European immigrants in the skilled trades, and boasts substantial Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Croatian, German and Russian ethnic communities.


Although the workforce at General Motors of Canada has shrunk dramatically in recent years (with more reductions through attrition planned), the company continues to make significant technology and capital investments at its sites in Oshawa. While the company’s once essential role in the local economy has diminished, it remains the largest local employer. Many of its operations have been spun off to contractors. In most cases, new owners at the spun-off facilities are not bound by the collective bargaining agreements of the Canadian Auto Workers, and wages at such operations tend to be much lower than at General Motors itself.


Oshawa has become one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, although statements to this effect are often in reference to the Census Metropolitan Area, which includes the neighbouring Town of Whitby and Municipality of Clarington. Many commuters have been enticed to Oshawa by comparatively low housing prices and the regular rail service into downtown Toronto provided by GO Transit and VIA Rail. The growth of subdivisions to house Toronto commuters will likely accelerate if the long-planned Highway 407 extension is built across the city’s northern tier in the next decade. The trend suggests major social changes for Oshawa, which has long had a vigorous labour union presence and largely blue collar identity. Rising property values and the emergence of land speculation associated with suburban growth have created new dynamics for the local economy. While unchecked growth was largely accepted (even embraced) in the 1980s and 1990s, concern over urban sprawl has emerged.


In late 2004, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority announced a plan under which the Oshawa Airport would be closed and its traffic diverted to a major new Toronto reliever airport to be constructed in Pickering. The Oshawa airport handles occasional traffic related to General Motors (emergency spare parts and executives); GM has indicated that a move of its air traffic to Pickering would not affect its operations. The airport also handles significant general aviation, two flight training facilities, and numerous other aviation and non-aviation related companies, all of which would need to be diverted or relocated. Significant helicopter support services are also provided for police, military, and HydroOne aircraft. The city has considered ambitious proposals to repurpose the airport lands, but as of January 2006, significant upgrade work is being performed on the main terminal building by the city itself, signalling that the city has no immediate plans to close the busy facility, understanding its importance to the community and local economy (injecting $52 million yearly). Additional aviation related construction is also taking place on the airport lands.


GO Transit trains connect the city with the City of Hamilton and points between. The Oshawa Station also serves VIA Rail in the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor, as well as GO Buses, and Durham Region Transit. DRT is a regional transit system, started on January 1, 2006, that replaced Oshawa Transit and has roots in a street railway in the town dating from 1895.


Intercity buses include Greyhound (limited service between Toronto, Port Hope, Cobourg and Belleville, as well as to Peterborough and Ottawa, and Can-Ar coaches daily to/from Lindsay and Toronto, along with GO use the downtown Oshawa Bus Terminal at Bond and Centre Streets.


Rail freight is carried on both the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways which traverse the city.


Other than Highway 2 (Ontario), which reverted to local jurisdiction (King Street and Bond Street) in 1998, the city had no provincially maintained highways until the original section of Highway 401 opened in 1947 (as Highway 2A). The highway originally terminated at Ritson Road, and was extended east through the remainder of the city to Newcastle in 1952. Oshawa was the only city that Highway 401 was built directly through, rather than bypassing. This resulted in the demolition of several streets and hundreds of homes in the 1930s and 1940s.


The Port of Oshawa is a major stop for the auto and steel industries as well as winter road salt handling, and at present there is still a regional airport.

Oshawa Property Taxes

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Why Choose a Oshawa Mortgage Broker

When looking for mortgages, rates are not the only thing you want to look at. If you talk to a mortgage broker in Oshawa, they can give you all the information to make the right choice. People are always interested in just getting the lowest mortgage rates but forgetting about important stuff like flexibility and pre-payment abilities within their mortgage. A mortgage broker can give you professional advice and help you avoid any problems in the future. Some lenders give you penalties when paying off your mortgage faster or charge you fees if you want to switch to another lender. So its good to talk to a mortgage broker so they can help you decide which lender is best for you.

Mortgage brokers in Oshawa have access to a wide variety of lenders, usually about 40. Our company has access to over 100 lenders for your ontario mortgage. We have been a mortgage brokerage for over 20 years and we have access to alot of private lenders that alot of mortgage brokers dont have. Any good mortgage broker in Oshawa should have a large variety of lenders so you can get that competitive mortgage rate with the best options.You should feel comfortable with your mortgage broker. We take the time to get to know you and find out your needs and wants. We will treat you like one of our own family and get you the best ontario mortgage we can. We are there from start until finish, and our job is not finished once you recieve your Oshawa mortgage. We are with you as long as you need us. Any questions about your Oshawa mortgage throughout its whole term you can always come to us and we will answer those questions for you. We are your Oshawa mortgage broker for life.

About Trillium Mortgage

Trillium mortgage has been financing ontario mortgages for over 20 years. We have many agents and have access to well over 100 lenders. We help all our clients make informed decisions for all their ontario mortgage needs. Whether it be first,second or third mortgages, renewals, refinancing, equity take out and even debt consolidation. Trillium mortgage can get you financing anywhere in ontario, even with bad credit. We also have great programs for people who are self-employed and have problems getting a mortgage in ontario. Unlike many mortgage brokers in Oshawa we have access to many commercial lenders, you can ask your trillium mortgage broker for more information.

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