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Trillium offers London Mortgage Broker Services in Ontario

Financing London for Over 20 Years

Hi, I'm Amanda. Whether you're buying your first or next home, taking equity out of your existing home or your London mortgage is up for renewal, I can help you. I can even get you a bad credit mortgage. I work with over 100 lenders to find the best possible rate and flexible options for your needs.

I'm still shocked by the number of people who still go to their bank to get a mortgage. That is not your only and especially not your best option. When was the last time you remember a bank saving you money? The bank will gladly show you all sorts of 'options', but these options are only variations of the one and only product the bank has to offer you. Is their 'best rate' truly the best rate on the market? Will being loyal to your bank save you, or cost you money? Just like every other product you purchase, a wise consumer will shop around. Let me do that shopping for you!

In these tough economic times, I want only the very best for you and your family. My job as your London mortgage agent is to find you the lowest possible mortgage rate and to save you your time and the frustration of looking around. Through my experience in the mortgage industry in London I will be able to quickly deliver your options. Best of all, in almost all cases, my service is free. The lender will pay my fee.

I'm here for you, and I am available wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. I work days, evenings and even all weekend. You can apply now or pick up the phone and call me today.
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Name: Amanda Cluett
Tel (Local): 416-524-5432
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Buying a Home
                            First Time Home Buyer                   Mortgage Renewals

Buying a Home            First Time Homebuyer            Mortgage Renewals
Looking for your first or                      Tips and stuff you need to know            Maturing mortgage? Nows a
or next home? Start by                      about buying your first home.                great time to look at all your

talking to a mortgage planner                                                                       options

Mortgage  Refinance                       Bad Credit?                             Investment Property             

Mortgage Refinancing             Bad Credit?            Property Investment
Need money for refinancing                 Moving a higher interest rate              Real Estate is a great
a debt or want to make                       debt into a lower rate mortgage          investment. Start by talking
home improvements?                          is a great way to start.                      to a mortgage professional today

About London

Midway between Detroit and Toronto, London is at the heart of Southwestern Ontario. As Canada's 10th largest centre, London has a population of over 464,000 and serves as a regional hub for surrounding communities.

10 reasons why London is a great place to live and work:

  • Diverse economy
  • Lively and energetic downtown
  • World class health care facilities
  • Comprehensive educational options
  • Vill to Victorian, Condo to Mansion, you will find your dream home at a competitive price
  • Entertainment options for every and every mood
  • Commute times that maximize work/life balance
  • Great parks, trails, cultural and recreational facilities
  • Efficient and easily accessible Air, Rail and Road
  • Safe, Caring and increasingly diverse community

Dynamic Workforce:

Labour Force: 262,800

London Ontario Initiatives and Planning

Click the link to see the most recent London Economic Development.

London Ontario Property Taxes

Click for the last available City of London property taxes.


Call Me Today For Your London Mortgage Needs

If you are currently looking for a mortgage in London it has never looked like a better time to get London financing. London rates are at an all time low and the housing market has proven over the last 12 months how resilient our market is. I am very confident that with Ontario’s transit expansion plans coupled with Canada’s stance on immigration that we very well could see a nice surge in housing prices over the next 10-15 years.

The prospects are especially bright if you are a first time home buyer. Give me a call if you are in need of a London mortgage. I can help you understand the many opportunities currently available for first time buyers. You can check  to see how much you can afford for your mortgage using our mortgage calculators.

No matter what your situation is, I can help. Investors in need of London mortgages or London loans. Bad credit cases in need of a second mortgage London or a private London mortgage. Existing home owners in need of London finance or London refinance. I will try and help every person get the mortgage they need. Give me a call today for your mortgages in London.


About Trillium Mortgage

Trillium mortgage has been financing ontario mortgages for over 20 years. We have many agents and have access to well over 100 lenders. We help all our clients make informed decisions for all their ontario mortgage needs. Whether it be first,second or third mortgages, renewals, refinancing, equity take out and even debt consolidation. Trillium mortgage can get you financing anywhere in ontario, even with bad credit. We also have great programs for people who are self-employed and have problems getting a mortgage in ontario. Unlike many mortgage brokers in London we have access to many commercial lenders, you can ask your trillium mortgage broker for more information.

Please contact us or apply online for a London Mortgage                        

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